About Us

TKG – Solutions Are Our Business

We are the answer to application by Phone and Fax.  We don’t call you on the phone, fax you an application, and scribble a barely decipherable note on the corner.  Instead, we take the necessary time to work with you and craft the correct, appropriate, and comprehensive solution for your specific business.  We pride ourselves on our mobility, so we come to you when and where you need us!

TKG – Our Principles

Founded in 1994, TKG has maintained three principles from the start:

  • Bring the same products and services available to large corporations to medium and small companies and even to sole proprietorships
  • Decrease the business overhead by providing quality services at affordable rates, thus, simultaneously increasing overall profitability
  • Educate the Merchant as to why certain products and services are right – and why others just don’t fit their needs

These principles have stood the test of time.  Many Merchants have since reaped the benefits of their association with TKG and select service providers – and continue to do so.

TKG - A Partner You Can Trust

In the rapidly evolving and highly competitive merchant transaction processing market, you need to be able to rely on a company that is as committed to your success as you are.  We are unique in our understanding of the powerful symbiotic relationship we have with our selling and marketing partners.

Part of our success is due to our focus on the details.  We know every transaction is important - to the customer, the merchant, our partners and our company.  That's why we deliver the technology, training, support, and systems to make the entire process an exceptional experience for everyone.  We work with partners and clients who understand that the quality and service we provide far outweighs any nearly imperceptible percentage discount offered by other companies.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and authenticity. With TKG, what you see is what you get.  And that is, simply, your success in every transaction.