The Krohn Group is committed to helping you craft the best solution for your Business needs.  Our strength is our thorough knowledge of the details of the entire spectrum of Business Services available and necessary for you and your business.  This allows us to make sure a service you need is not left out and – more importantly – a service you don’t need is not part of the proposed package.

The Krohn Group is constantly updating its knowledge base and ensuring the most current data is available to use to prepare the best plan for you, the Merchant or Business Person.  Name a Business Service:  Merchant Services, Electronic or Paper Drafting, Recurring Billing for Credit Cards, and Check Conversion.  We have access to people and businesses that can provide integrated Business Plans, Banking and Financing Services, Graphic Design, Business Insurance, and other business services that may be required.  The Krohn Group is dedicated to getting it right – and will find the right mix for you!

Yes, we provide the products and services you need.  Yes, we work out the correct details and present a comprehensive proposal for your approval.  Yes, we are available to put a human face on whatever situation should occur.  Yes, that is different from other providers.  Yes, that is the very strength of the synergy of TKG and other companies, working in concert with each other to provide you with the very best in Customer Service and Support.

The Krohn Group works with many premier Service Providers.  They are dedicated to creating the most effective and cost-efficient business solutions while maintaining the highest level of customer service.  The coordination of market research and well-orchestrated product and service lines ensure the continuing rise of our Customers through the maze of the “other companies”.

We consider our association with the York County Chamber of Commerce to be one of the smartest moves we have made. It is the fastest, most technologically savvy Chamber in the state – and we are proud to be a part of it!

We also consider our association with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a “premium” part of our service.  We work with the Hispanic community to assist in their efforts to start-up, expand, and move their businesses forward.  Because of our close work with the Chamber, we can also tap into the professional services of various translation services covering a wide range of languages and cultures.

Bottom line:  The Krohn Group and the companies we work with are dedicated to the proposition:
“We Provide Solutions – Not JUST Service!”